Corporate Delivery Services: 3 Tech-savvy Logistic Companies to Engage in Singapore

New logistics players that leverage on technology are giving SMEs an alternative option to get their goods delivered quickly.

With the promise of shorter waiting times and an easy-to- use interface, cab-hailing apps like Uber and GrabTaxi have proven to be a hit with Singaporean commuters. Businesses who want a similar level of convenience when it comes to delivery services can now turn to a handful of new players offering app-based platforms for logistics.

These two start-ups offer businesses and individuals a peer-to-peer platform that connects customers who need something delivered quickly with their network of van and motorcycle drivers – cutting out the middleman in the process.

Users simply have to key in their pick-up location and destination in the app and wait for a quote. Meanwhile, “freelance” drivers registered with the service will receive the request and decide if they wish to accept the job. Prices start from as low as S$6 for a single delivery, comparable with local courier service providers.

Where the newer players differ is the volume that they are able to handle and the speed of deliveries. While traditional logistics service providers are limited by the number of vehicles they own and drivers they employ – which in the case of local companies can range from two to 20 – an app-based platform works with thousands of independent contractors, giving them the capacity to handle a much larger volume of deliveries.


Below are three new players that businesses in Singapore can engage:

The Hong Kong-based company launched the first app-based platform for transporting goods in Asia in 2013. It entered the Singapore market in 2014 and has also expanded to South Korea, China and Vietnam. Their regional network comprises over 20,000 commercial vehicles and 80,000 registered drivers.

Founded in 2013 as EasyVan in Hong Kong, the firm started operating in Singapore last year and has a similar business model to GoGoVan’s. With over 20,000 drivers, Lalamove is also present in Taipei, Bangkok and various cities in China.

Ninja Van
Set up in 2014, this Singapore start-up caters specifically to online retailers. It has a fleet of 80 vehicles and uses sophisticated algorithms that allow it to optimise routes, keep costs affordable and meet delivery times.

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